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So your student, or you, are going back to school this month.  As your education pursuits continue you no doubt long to be successful in all that you do.  At times the science classes that we have to take can be pretty confusing.  If you are experiencing any sort of difficulty with your biology class or wish you had someone to help you figure out Anatomy, then we are here to help.  Live online tutoring may be just what you need.  Get the attention that you deserve to help you be successful in Biology and anatomy and physiology.

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Anatomy Tutor Colorado Springs

Anatomy Colorado Springs

You have probably started taking your Anatomy 2 class now at either PPCC or UCCS.  If you have, you now realize that it is not the easiest thing in the world.  There are several things you can do to ensure success in your anatomy and physiology class in Colorado Springs.

First, you should make sure that you take note of what is being discussed each day in class BEFORE you get to class.  If you do this, you will be preparing your mind for the information to come.  If you look at your syllabus and review the subheadings in the appropriate section of the book then you will be able to recognize what is being talked about in class when the time comes.  The average person needs about 7 repetitions before something is committed to memory.  When you review what you are going to be discussing in class before you get to class then you are ahead of the game.

Second.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions in class.  Many students will simply sit and suffer quietly in a world of confusion.  Just because your instructor has a PhD does NOT mean that they are necessarily a good teacher, so they may not be able to pick up on the fact that everyone is lost.  That being the case, the only way out of the confusion is to ask questions.  Make sure that you communicate that you don’t understand a certain aspect of what he or she is talking about in your anatomy class.

Third, don’t be afraid to get a tutor if you need one.  an experienced anatomy and physiology tutor in Colorado Springs would be happy to help you.  There are many science tutors in Colorado Springs, CO but not all Colorado Springs tutors are anatomy tutors.  You want to make sure you get an anatomy and physiology tutor so that he or she can help you to the greatest extent possible.

So, by reviewing before you go to class, asking questions, and getting a tutor you will be more likely to succeed in anatomy and physiology in Colorado Springs.

My Science Guy Tutoring and Instructional Services, LLC is happy to offer professional Anatomy and Physiology Tutoring in Colorado Springs, CO.  Drop us a line if you need some help, we are here for you. or you can call or text 719-964-8055.  We are also available on whats app at +17199648055.

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English Classes Ibarra Ecuador

We are happy to announce the start of private English classes in Ibarra Ecuador!  Learning English can be a valuable tool for life.  Most of the worlds business is conducted in English.  Learning English can take you places as well.  We are happy to offer one on one English classes or are happy to meet just for conversation which will help you to improve your English.  We are all native speakers of English from the United States of America. Contact us today to discuss learning English.


Anatomy and physiology tutoring

Returning to school?  Taking anatomy and physiology?  Confused?  We can help!  We offer online tutoring to help you to understand the complex world of anatomy and physiology.  What is the function of the sarcomere?  How is this related to actin and myosin?  Where does ATP fit in?  You may be confused by these things, but you don’t have to be.

The owner of My Science Guy Tutoring and Instructional Services, Chris Marrone, has extensive experience in teaching this subject in the school system and privately.  He also has a degree in Biology and can assist you with all biology and anatomy related classes.  Call today and stop the confusion!


Brain dissection

The brain is one of the most fascinating and complex organs on the face of the planet! Soon, we will be dissecting this vital organ in a class that will be held in Buena Vista! We will learn about the different parts of the brain and what they do. We will also see how brain trauma could affect the function of other parts of the human body. This will prove to be a very informative and exciting class! Please stay tuned for further details!

Star fish dissection

Did you know that a star fish isn’t actually a fish at all? Can you identify tube feet, madreporite, stone canal, circular canal, lateral canal, digestive cecae, and more? If you were in the star fish dissection class today then you can! We had a wonderful time at the BV library performing this dissection today. Students identified all of the above and more as they opened up the natural world through dissection. Please enjoy the photos from today’s class



January classes

We are happy to announce that several class opportunities will be available to students PK-12th grade this month. We will have a day of classes in Leadville and Buena Vista. We will be doing dissections and blood typing between the two locations. Click on class registration to see the offerings for January. Sign up soon, space is limited!


Science doesn’t have to be boring. Science is the coolest subject on the face of the earth, there is no contesting that fact! Sometimes science in schools is really fun and exciting, and sometimes its not. Science in home school need not be a drudgery for the home educator. My Science Guy Tutoring and Instructional Services LLC is here to help families in the high rockies of Colorado in whatever way needed so as to support the home school science program. Whether it is teaching classes in your area periodically or perhaps in some other way. We are here to help you make the most of your science program. Contact us today and see how we can help

Eye dissection and Microscope class 10/26/12

We are very pleased to assist the home school community with science! The next classes that will be offered will take place at the BV public library and will include an eye dissection and a microscope basics class. Both of these classes are sure to help students understand and appreciate the world around them. To sign up, just click class registration at the top of the page and choose one or both classes to sign up for. Sign up soon, space is limited!

Eye Dissection

Have you ever wondered why your eye sees the way it does? Do you ever see an animal in the middle of the night due to the reflection its eyes put out? Why does it do that? How does it do that? You are invited to find out on Friday September 28, 2012. Students in grades 5-12th are invited to attend an eye dissection class being held at the Buena Vista Public Library. Click class registration above and follow the directions to sign up for this informative and exciting experience!