Back to school tutoring

So your student, or you, are going back to school this month.  As your education pursuits continue you no doubt long to be successful in all that you do.  At times the science classes that we have to take can be pretty confusing.  If you are experiencing any sort of difficulty with your biology class or wish you had someone to help you figure out Anatomy, then we are here to help.  Live online tutoring may be just what you need.  Get the attention that you deserve to help you be successful in Biology and anatomy and physiology.

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Chris Marrone

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Eye Dissection

Have you ever wondered why your eye sees the way it does? Do you ever see an animal in the middle of the night due to the reflection its eyes put out? Why does it do that? How does it do that? You are invited to find out on Friday September 28, 2012. Students in grades 5-12th are invited to attend an eye dissection class being held at the Buena Vista Public Library. Click class registration above and follow the directions to sign up for this informative and exciting experience!

The future doctors

On Friday the 24th of August 10 eager students between the ages of 11 and 14 converged on the BV public library. The purpose? To learn about what makes them tick. After learning some really neat things that the heart does and how it does it, the 10 participated in dissecting pig hearts in small groups. Some of the comments were, “I never knew the heart had so many holes,” “this is so cool,” “what does this thing do?”… And much more. Hands on learning is the best way to learn science, hands down! Please enjoy some of the photos from our class



Heart dissection 8/24/12

We are excited about our kick off class on 8/24/12 at the BV public library. There is a big difference between knowing that you have a heart that pumps blood and knowing how that heart pumps blood. Knowing how this vital organ actually “ticks”, increases our appreciation for its non-stop functioning throughout our lives. Sign up for this class, and begin to learn how the heart actually does what it does. Just click class registration above and follow the directions. See you soon!


First class in the valley!

What a wonderful class we had on Friday, June 1 at the Buena Vista public library! In our first class ever in the Arkansas Valley area, we opened up the natural world by means of dissecting a giant grasshopper! For many of our nine students, this was their very first dissection ever! We were very excited that we got to share in this momentous occasion.

This class was enjoyed so much by everybody that we are going to schedule another class, the next class will be held friday, 22 June, 2012. The next class will be a human DNA extraction. This is a safe lab procedure which we look forward to doing with all who are interested in signing up. The class will be posted on the website very soon so that you can register.

Please enjoy some of the photos that were taken from our class yesterday



First class in the Arkansas valley now scheduled!

We are happy to announce that we have scheduled our first Home School Science class to take place on Friday June 1, 2012 at the Buena Vista Public Library at 1pm! To register for this class please click on class registration above, click “register” next to the class description, and then follow the instructions. We greatly look forward to conducting this class and opening up the natural world with your students. If you have any questions about the class or how to register please call us at 719-359-5210.

My Science Guy moves to the hills!

My Science Guy Tutoring and Instructional Services LLC is taking on a new form. We have moved to Buena Vista, CO and are excited to soon be offering private science classes at a variety of locations in Chaffee county and throughout the high rockies. We are committed to helping home school families in whatever way we can when it comes to science. Please check back soon for class offerings in chaffee county, or call us at 719-359-5210.